Antique Ticker Tape Machine

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Ticker Tape Machine American financial history. 1940s original Art Deco Dow Jones Wall Street Journal Ticker Tape machine. These ticker tape machines were primarily used in the 1940s-1960s eventually becoming obsolete due to the invention of the computer. The Dow Jones ticker machines were known as "broad tape" tickers since they printed on a 5" wide paper. These ticker tape machines, standing @ 4 ft tall, 17" wide and 10" deep, and weighing 100 lbs. communicated stock quotes, telegrams, cables, and other stock market news. Originally, the Dow Jones ticker tape machine came with a pair of scissors and a clip board on which stock broker would cut a two foot piece of ticker tape.This is one of the most scarce antiques one can find and we have fully restored it. It has the original Dow Jones plaque, original old scissors for cutting the tape as it fed out are included (as shown) and are fitted into their own pocket which is part of the machine itself. It is an incredible piece, elegant and stately.

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