Apollo 15 Original Autographs

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Apollo 15 was the 9th manned mission in the Apollo program, the 8th successful manned mission, and the 4th successful mission to actually land on the Moon. Apollo 15 was sent to the moon on a “J” mission, meaning a longer stay and do far more scientific research since it was the very first mission using the Lunar Roving Vehicle. The mission began on July 26, 1971 and ended August 7th, 1971 with NASA calling it the MOST successful manned flight ever achieved.  Commander David Scott, Lunar Module Pilot James Irwin and Command Modular Pilot Alfred Worden successfully manned the mission, all three were US Air Force pilots. The flight was dramatized in the episode “Galileo was Right”, of the 1998 HBO miniseries, “From the Earth to The Moon.”  Here are 3 wonderful pieces in one display to celebrate Apollo 15 Mission to The Moon: Al Worden signed "US in Space….A Decade of Achievement” envelope with two stamps showing the approach to the moon, and the astronauts in the lunar vehicle. Jim Irwin signed the official NASA famous photo of Irwin saluting the American Flag at the Lunar Hadley-Apennine Landing Site. David Scott signed the official NASA stationery with wonderful insignia that holds a letter of thanks that includes the sentence by Dave Scott: “Jim, Al and I are quite pleased that we were privileged to participate in the first extended scientific exploration of the moon”.  A wonderful piece of space mission history. 

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