Benjamin Harrison Signed Land Grant

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Benjamin Harrison

1833-1901, 23rd President of the United States and Union Officer in the Civil War. He also served a 6 year term in the U.S. Senate. A Republican, his administration included economic legislation, the McKinley Tariff for protective trade rates, the Sherman Antitrust Act, the creation of the National Forest Reserves and 6 western states were admitted to the Union. He strengthened the U.S. Navy and fought to secure voting rights for African Americans. He was a man and a president committed to integrity and human rights. Here is a complete, pristine Presidential land grant document for property in Arkansas for a William Blair for 80 acres! It is signed April 18, 1890 by Harrison as President, by M. McKean as Secretary and by the recorder of the General Land Office. It bears a complete red presidential seal and the entire Certificate of Record for the State of Arkansas Greenwood District. Fabulous piece with charming farming vignette at the top left. It is "Homestead Certificate #5174, Application 16870.

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