Black Sabbath Signed Lyrics

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Black Sabbath Rock band, formed in 1986 are cited as one of the first pioneers of Heavy Metal music and helped define that genre. Naming themselves after the horror film "Black Sabbath" starring Boris Karloff, they incorporated occult themes and horror-inspired lyrics. They are ranked by MTV as the greatest Metal Band of all times and on VH1's "100 greatest Artist plus ranked as 85 of the Rolling Stone magazines greatest of all time. Here are 2 pages of hand written and signed lyrics for their 1970 debut album hit song N.I.B. , later revealing the translation "Nativity in Black", rather than the actual Geezer Butler's nickname for band members Bill Ward's goatee, called a Nibbeard. Hand written by Geezer Butler and it is signed by Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Bill Ward.


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