• A Beginners Guide to Collecting

    10th Dec 2019

    A Beginners Guide to Collecting

    "THE JOY OF COLLECTING" By: Toby Stoffa, Owner, Antiquities Welcome to our content series designed to help collectors buy what they love, love what they buy, and maximize the personal enjoyment of…

  • 8th Oct 2019

    People are talking about Antiquities Las Vegas !

    6/23/17Just wanted you Antiquities Las Vegas, know that I received the Grateful Dead " Into the Dark " signed poster today. It arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for the great servic…

  • Gone with the Wind

    8th Oct 2019

    Gone with the Wind

     This beautiful presentation of "Gone With the Wind" perfect for even the most of serious collectors.Gone With The Wind- The iconic 1939 film that is still considered one of the best m…

  • Love to Visit  Antiquities Las Vegas!

    8th Oct 2019

    Love to Visit Antiquities Las Vegas!

    I love to visit and look around every time I am in Las Vegas. So far I have made two purchases: John Lennon and Stevie Ray Vaughan items. Each time the packaging used for shipping was s…

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