Love, Antiquities Las Vegas

Love, Antiquities Las Vegas

8th Oct 2019

Toby Stoffa, "I love walking through this place and looking at all of the amazing pieces of memorabilia and rare autographs that are all for sale. You will find anything from a framed Pulp Fiction movie poster signed by the entire cast to a guitar used by Jimi Hendrix in concert. There's even stuff from historical figures like Presidents and other famous people."

"The staff is always very friendly, answers questions, and lets people just wander through all the awesomeness that is on display. If anyone ever wants to buy something for me from this place, I just saw a baseball signed by Lou Gehrig that would look very nice in my living room."

Marc M. (Shoreline, Washington)

The happiest store in the world ! Las Vegas Caesars Palace Forum Shops We lead the way in celebrity memorabilia specializing in movies, music, television and history.