You have the #1 best store Antiquities Las Vegas

8th Oct 2019

Toby Stoffa, You have the #1 best store Antiquities Las Vegas / gallery that I have ever been lucky enough to walk into. I come to Vegas every January with a bunch of guys who take an annual trip to drive exotic cars on a track, shoot machine guns , gamble, eat and party for a few days away from our wives and family. We always stop into the Forum Shops and they have to carry me out of your shop. Without that, I could spend the day there. I have a lot of signed sports memorabilia including some 1 of a kind and rare pieces. I am sooo happy that I have been getting emails from you as I love looking at your stuff. I am sure that I will become a customer at some point.

Thanks for the hours of enjoyment, 

Adam K.

The happiest store in the world ! Las Vegas Caesars Palace Forum Shops We lead the way in celebrity memorabilia specializing in movies, music, television and history.