Buck Rogers Dr. Huer Original Costume

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Buck Rogers! Tim O ‘ Connor (1927-2018) "Dr. Elias Huer" blue uniform and coat from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. (NBC-TV, 1979-1981) This futuristic medium blue uniform consists of a mid-thigh length bib front jacket with a pointed collar and gold braid around the cuffs, and pair of matching pants with suspenders. The garments were custom made for use by Mr. O'Connor on the production, and both the jacket and pants have the actor's name "T. O'Connor" handwritten on white satin costumer's labels sewn inside. Dr. Huer was an integral principle character throughout the first season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and appeared wearing this costume in multiple episodes, making this a rare signature wardrobe item from the production. The costume is in excellent screen worn condition and custom framed.

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