Daniel Boone Original Signature

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Daniel Boone 1734-1820
American Patriot, Pioneer, Explorer and Frontiersman. Boone is credited with settling what is now Kentucky and was a legislator as well as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His exploits have been immortalized in folk stories that have made him a larger than life figure in the days of early American history. He was a militia leader in the Revolutionary War, served three terms in the Virginia Assembly, and Sheriff of Fayette County, VA. Here is a hand written and signed receipt dated March 9th,1812 by the legendary folk hero, made payable to a Dr. Hiram____ for “To trip days to Conway on business, seventy five is per day, to paying for two files. Daniel Boone”. In 1812 Daniel Boone had been turned down in his efforts to enlist in the War of 1812, due to his age of 75. His two sons fought bravely in that war, carrying out the patriotism bred into them by their father, Daniel Boone. So rare to find content of this patriotic kind in a piece of this age by so great an American.

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