Edna Hibel Autographed Palette

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Edna Hibel 1917-2014, A one of a kind item: Personally owned palette of the wonderful Edna Hibel, one of the most prolific and loved female artists of the past decade. Ms. Hibel had autographed and inscribed in bright silver sharpie to (then) Mother Teresa in her birth name: "To Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, Enjoy With Love Edna Hibel." The palette measures 12 x 16" and is filled with colors the artist was using at the time she wrote the note. She was paying homage to Mother Teresa as an inspiration for the world, yes, but specifically for an inspiration to Edna Hibel’s magical mother and child art pieces. A unique piece of art from a world famous artists to the world’s most honored nuns….now a Saint.

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