Erno Rubik Signed Book

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Erno Rubik Inventor, architect and professor, dedicated scientist. He is best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube (1974). While Rubik became famous for inventing the Rubik's Cube and his other puzzles, much of his recent work involves the promotion of science in education. Rubik is involved with several organizations such as the Rubik Learning Initiative and the Judit Polgar Foundation, all of whose aim is to engage students in science, mathematics, and problem solving at a young age. No work was unworthy or undeserving for him, as he believed all of life is solving puzzles and, “If you are curious, you will find puzzles around you. If you are determined…you will solve them”.
Here is an original 1981 handbook for the Rubik’s Cube guidebook, with step by step instructions, written by a 13 year old pupil, now a partner in Infrastructure Intelligence Advisory, still finder his mentor in the works and games of Erno Rubik.

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