General J. M. Wainwright Signed Letter

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General Jonathan Mayhew "Skinny" Wainwright August 23, 1883 - September 2, 1953. Wainwright was a West Point Graduate and the son and grandson of military officers. He became a career American Army officer himself and was the commander of Allied Forces in the Philippines at the time of their surrender to the Empire of Japan during World War II. He is the recipient of the Medal of Honor. Here is a U.S. Army, letter dated October 2, 1945 on War Department, Washington letterhead, along with the original envelope. General Wainwright writes it to an attorney in Philadelphia, and says, in part: "The wonderful reception extended me by the American people since my return to my native country I consider as being accorded through me to all the members of my command who fell at Corregidor". .

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