George Washington Signed Ledger

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George Washington Revolutionary War supply order documents: double parchment ledger paper, each page 12x20, records of his orders dated the most important year of America's independence: 1776, as the Continental Congress opens colonial ports to all traffic except British, and privateer raids on British ships ordered, with many preparations required. Congress orders the disarming of any Americans loyal to England, and the vote is put forth in the Continental Congress for independence from Britain....The Declaration of Independence would be signed in less than three months, on July 4th, 1776!
These pages have come from George Washington's Warrant books and are written authorizations to receive or deliver goods for money and are signed and initialed multiple times by Washington. The Warrants were used by quartermasters to issue vouchers to acquire, forage, supplies, munitions, clothing and more for the use of the American military.
In this profoundly remarkable two page document, Washington refers first, on Saturday, April 14, 1776 to the following supplies sent:
1. Charles Osburn, for brass knobs, bolts.
2. Same day, supplies to William Turner, Captain of the first Scituaet, Company of Militia who would be receiving pad locks and other ships items. Washington initials on the left that these items are approved to send.
(These two orders are initialed for approval by GW on the left)
3. Same day to Ezekiel Hayes Scythers aka "Scythemaker", not only the grandfather of President Rutherford B. Hayes, but collected supplies and exported them to Yorktown, where he was quartermaster during the Revolutionary War. Washington orders hooks, hoses, brooms, brushes to be supplied to him.
4. Same day is to supply Morris Jayne, a boy soldier in the Revolutionary War who was being sent nails, brushes, files, gimblets, knobs ad steel.
(These two orders are initialed for approval by GW on the left)
Wednesday, April 14, 1776, Washington enters another order for brass knobs, castors, steel, nails, both initialing on the side and signing on the bottom. This is signed at the top, in full, by G. Washington. He orders:
1. Mr. Nathaniel Knafs will receive a large number of items including nails, files, pencils, iron, steel, faggots, crowbars, iron and knives. This is a huge comprehensive order and not only signed on the top, but initialed twice GW.
2. Mr. Waring Lockwood is to receive iron bars and needles.
This is once again signed G. Washington beneath this last order.
Yet again, confirming the totality of the order, the commander in chief signs G.Washington at the bottom of the entire document. America is now further supplied to repair and maintain ships, lay rails, reinforce docks, and go into the Revolutionary war for independence.
Thus, this is signed Three times by George Washington and initialed four times by him. It is fully forensically certified with pages of explanations and exemplars and includes ink and paper identification and dating.

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