Giuseppe Verdi Original Autograph

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Giuseppe Verdi Italian opera composer, 1813-1901, a man you can only refer to as a natural genius, born in poverty in a small town in Italy, mentored by a local patron of musical arts, and rising to the position of one of the pre-eminent opera composers in history, and an icon of the Romantic Era. Here is a hand penned 3 notes with bars, by Giuseppe Verdi, with AAU certification, and signed G Verdi, hand dated 1893. The first performance of “Falstaff" took place on February 9, 1893 at La Scala. It had been a joyful revitalization of Verdi’s music, about which he wrote: “Let’s not think of obstacles, age, or illness….Here we are again! Come and see us!” It would be his last opera, so it is all the more poignant.

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