Johannes Brahms Original Autograph

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Johannes Brahms Music known by the world, and especially by parents , since his lullaby is the most famous in the world. Brahms, 1833-1897, was a German born Austrian composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic Era. His fame was so significant that he became known, like the famous Three Tenors, as part of the “Three B’s of music” Brahms, Bach and Beethoven and of him it was said he was an uncompromising perfectionist, which can be heard always in the loveliness of his works. Here is the bottom of a note with the last line in his hand, and then his signature, J. Brahms, after which he hand dates it 6/11.94, the year he wrote his final groupings of piano pieces. GFA certified. His symphonies were so well loved that he was granted an honorary doctorate from Cambridge, and his work was so excellent that his famous dear friend, Johann Strauss asked him to write the opening notes to The Blue Danube.

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