John Lennon Original Signature

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John Lennon making a difference: On May 16, 1975, John Lennon stepped off the train in Philadelphia, and gave his friend, journalist Larry Kane, a hug. Philadelphia’s number one music station WFIL Radio, with Kane’s Channel 6 News, were doing their 3-day annual Helping Hand Marathon to raise money for charitable organizations in the Philadelphia area. John went on the radio station as DJ and crowd pleaser to fans, autograph hounds, photographers, groupies, hippies, young and old contributors who stationed themselves in the parking lot where John made thrilling regular visits.  It was like 1964 again as audience space had to be enlarged and police barricades tripled to keep the growing mass from crushing him. During the entire weekend, John obliged everyone’s request for autographs and photos and in return were record charity contributions. Lennon autographed everything from shirts, arms, records and guitars to this ad section. While acting as DJ he related amusing anecdotes, such as a running narrative during the record “Yellow Submarine” and comment “The Beatles would probably get together in a recording studio rather than a concert stage.” All the time while urging phone pledges for the marathon. John stayed on until midnight Sunday night (missing his train) and won praises for everyone and a plaque naming him “an Honorary boss jock.”  The “boss Jocks” had to play plenty of Beatles records all weekend since that was a condition for many of the cash pledges called in.” Wonderful, recorded history, and this is a piece of that moment with John Lennon. 

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