John Quincy Adams Autographed Document

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President John Quincy Adams
1767-1848, American statesman, diplomat, Senator, member of the House of Representatives and 6th President of the United States. He was the son of President John Adams and formed the Adams Political Family, shaping foreign policy, remained committed to republican values, and played a very important role in negotiating the Ghent Treaty that ended the War of 1812. He successfully negotiated with Spain for the annexation of Florida and drafted the essential Monroe Doctrine. He also served as diplomat, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State under James Monroe, Representative, and leading Abolitionist. Here is a letter on Department of State letterhead, dated Dec 13, 1817, to Moses Mard, Esquire, with great content. He says: “Sir: Your letter of the 9th of this month, which was received at this office yesterday, came too late for the proposed instructions to the Commissioners of the United States going to South America, as they had left Norfolk several days before on their mission. I am, Respectfully, Sir, Your Obed. Serv. John Quincy Adams”. It is signed by John Quincy Adams, and the verso bears his entire address in his hand: "John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State, Washington, 13 Dec. 1817”.

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