John Wesley Hardin Autographed Card

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John Wesley Hardin 1853-1895
Notorious American outlaw, gunfighter and folk hero. Here is a rare shot-through late 1800s faro card. The legend is that Hardin was part owner in the Wigwam saloon in El Paso, Texas and shot though a deck of cards, signing them and telling his partners to sell them to patrons. It is signed "J. W. Hardin. It is framed in an old West presentation with photo and wanted poster. John Wesley Hardin is perhaps the infamous wild west badman. When he went to prison in 1878, he claimed to have killed 42 men from gunfight challenges. While in jail, he studied law, was released and passed the state bar in Texas. He fell in love with the wife of one of his clients and was shot by the father of the man he planned to kill!


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