King George III Original Signature

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His Britannic Majesty George III
George III, born George William Frederick, June 4 1738 - January 29, 1820, was King of Great Britain and Ireland until the union of the two countries in 1801, after which he was King of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.  He was also Duke and prince of Brunswick in the Holy Roman Empire, King of Hanover, and the third monarch of the House of Hanover.  His reign was longer than any other British monarch before him, yet marked by military conflicts from Europe to Africa, Americas and Asia. He defeated France in the Seven Years' War, and although losing the American Revolutionary War, he was in power and thus credited for defeating Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. In later years he suffered from bouts of mental illness and though rumored with a later life "craziness", but scholars have concluded his legacy is one of strong rule, dominant control, and lifelong dedication.  King George III was granted the royal arms with all the guarterings, including the crown of Charlemagne for dignity of Archtreasurer of the Holy Roman Empire.
This is an extremely rare signed portion of an 1806 petition for the granting of a Royal Letters Patent, which is recorded in the ledgers of the Old Bailey, London's Central Court from 1674 - 1913. It reads:
Petitioner most humbly prays us to grant unto the said Edward Jackson, Edward Dampier and Thomas Shackleton their ________ &  aforesaid on Royal Letters Patent for the King.
The verso is signed George Re.
It is framed with a vintage original bookplate etching of King George III!

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