King George V Signed Document

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KING GEORGE V of GREAT BRITAIN and the British Dominions, Emperor of India, 1865-1936.  Here is a 16x12 beautiful signed commission of a 2nd Lieutenant, Andrew Lesley Findlay Wilson, issued on January 20, 1930 and signed by the king as “George R, Rex Imperator” at the Court at St. James.  It is also warranting any subsequent promotions which he may receive and the Lieutenant is herein directed to obey the orders of the King or of any superior officer "in accordance with the rules and disciplines of war." George V's reign, 1910-1936, was characterized not only by changes in the British Empire, but also by an evolution in the monarch itself. Over his 25 years as King, an independent Irish Parliament was established (1918), the British Commonwealth of Nations was created (1931) and India became self-governing (1935). George V was interested in having the monarch be representative of the nation, setting a precedent that future monarchs, including his sons Kings Edward VIII and George VI, would follow. The R. I. following his name is historically important since it stands for "Rex Imperator" (King Emperor), a title retained by British monarchs until India's independence in 1948. Thereafter, British Kings and Queens reverted the simple "Rex.” 

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