King Louis XV Signed Document

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King Louis XV, 1710 - 1774, Monarch of the House of Bourbon, ruled as King of France for almost 60 years, during which time he won the Battle of Fontenoy and returned the Austrian Netherlands to Austria by signing the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle; fought forcefully in the Seven Years' War where he ceded New France to Spain and Great Britain while incorporating Lorraine and Corsica territories back to France. He famously brought the Marquise Madame de Pompadour into the Palace of Versailles as his royal mistress, who was a beautiful commoner and, despite the ridicule of many of the aristocrats of France, she brought a style and glamour to the arts, expanding the legend of French porcelain, and encouraging "enlightenment".  Louis remained married to Marie Leszcznska, the daughter of King Stanislaw of Poland, and it was with her that he had ten children, one being Louis XVI, The Sun King. Here is a complete military appointment dated January, 1734 to promote an officer into formal service for benefit of the king.

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