Legendary Texans Autographs By 5

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Legendary Leaders of Texas
Five Famous Texas legends! Sam Houston, Anson Jones, David Burnet, Stephen Austin and Jim Bowie.
Sam Houston 1793 - 1863 The 1st and 3rd President of the Republic of Texas, statesman, politician, soldier, best known for his leading role in bringing Texas into the United States.
Anson Jones, 1798-1858, doctor, businessperson, member of Congress and the Fourth and Last President of the Republic of Texas, called the “Architect of Annexation".
David Burnet, 1788-1870, Republic of Texas, interim President, 2nd Vice President, and Secretary of State for the new State of Texas when it was annexed to the USA.
Stephen Austin, 1793 - 1836, called “The Father of Texas” and its founder, he led the second colonization of the state, bringing in 300 families to grow the state.
James "Jim” Bowie, 1796-1836 Pioneer, soldier, one of the most legendary figures in Texas history as well as a folk hero in American culture. Bowie joined the Texas militia, leading the forces at the "Battle of Concepcion" and the "Grass Fight". The battle for the freedom of Texas took him to the Alamo, where he commanded with the rank of Colonel, and died a hero.

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