Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) Original Signature

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 Michel de Nostradamus (also Nostredame), December 1503 - July 1566, is a name revered and feared, respected, awe-inspiring, and dreaded as not just a French apothecary, but a seer who published collections of prophecies that have become famous worldwide, particularly those predictions that have borne out to be true, that have come to pass.  Many scientists say there is coincidence or misinterpretations. That he was a genius is not disputed. After attending the University of Avignon, he travelled the countryside researching herbal remedies, then entered medical school, which expelled him for acting as an apothecary, utilizing natural and extracted remedies, working to cure the devastating plaque at the time, rather than the superstitious and traditional methods of the times. His curiosity turned to what some call the occult, and he wrote almanacs over the next many years that contained over 6,000 prophecies and released several calendars that would chart horoscopes, drawing requests from nobility and royalty all over the countries to request advice and readings, such as King Charles IX and Catherine de Medicis, wife of King Henry II, who made him Counselor and Physician to the Crown. Nostradamus stepped into history when he wrote his book of one thousand prophecies for which he is the most famous, called “Les Propheties”. Some thought he was evil, some thought him miraculous. He also wrote two medical books. It was expected that his predictions, which stretched far into the future, would be attributed to astrological forecasts, or luck, but he has been credited with remarkably predicting many events in world history such as the great fire of London, the rise of Napoleon and of Hitler, all the way to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. His prophesies, which began in 1555 extend to the year 3797, dispelling the criticism that his “end of the world” theories have not come to pass.  Dumb luck accuracy is a difficult concept, and so Nostradamus is still viewed by many, including scientists, as a seer, an often accurate astrologist; and his predictions are mysteries to be continually analyzed. 

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