Steve Jobs Autographed Patent

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Steve Jobs 1955-2011, entrepreneur, business magnate, investor, industrial designer and co-founder of Apple, one of the greatest names in computer technology and ingenious formats of use.  Yes, he was a great promoter, but as MIT Technology reported: “Steve Jobs lives on at the Patent Office”…and will for many, many years to come. Part of his legacy is his attention to detail, awareness of modifications and prompt action to beat any competitor at the curve, proven by the fact that the famous Apple CEO has won 141 patents since his death, more than most aggressive inventors won during their lives.  Here is a remarkable piece.

This is Google Patent #4,464,652A, issued Aug. 7, 1984, page 1 of 8 pages. Originally filed by Apple computers in 1982, then 1984 with changes. "The cursor control device having particular application to a computer display system is disclosed. The cursor control includes a unitary frame, having a domed portion substantially surrounding and retaining a ball which is free to rotate. X-Y position indicating means are provided, such that rotation of the ball provides signals indicative of X-Y positions on the display system. The ball is free to "float" in the vertical direction within the dome, and thereby maintain good surface contact. X-Y positions are established by movement of the control device over a surface. A display system and method is disclosed for use in conjunction with the cursor control device, which permits a user to select command options simply by movement of the displayed cursor over a "pull-down" menu bar.”  This is signed by Steven Jobs. It is the first one we have ever had.

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