Superman Christopher Reeve Tunic

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Superman "The Movie" The 1978 blockbuster film that started the big budget superhero genre! Here is an original costume tunic worn on screen by the late star Christopher Reeve. It is a light blue/teal color created for special effects scenes: the fabric would photograph the iconic blue color, but would not interfere with the blue screen special effects technique used in the days before CGI. The superman tunic with attached red trunks are actually two separate props but neither looks as dynamic as the when the two are together as they should be. It is the teal color worn in Superman I. It has a Disney Buena Vista Florida tag from when the costumes were stored there while the Salkinds, producers of Superman, were filming the Superboy television show in the late 1980’s. The tunic came from the collection of the producer of the Superman films and comes with a letter of provenance from an esteemed Superman expert and collector.

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