Superman Prop Krypton Blanket And Cast Autographs

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Superman! Original baby blanket used in the production of the 1978 blockbuster film Superman The Movie. The tri-colored (red, gold, blue) blanket was wrapped around baby Kal-El (Superman),played by Lee Quigley, before he was rocketed off the doomed planet of Krypton. The blanket is trimmed in a special material created by 3M. In normal light, it appears gray, but when lit with a high intensity light, it gives off an unearthly glow. Framed with a vintage 1978 Superman The Movie Collector’s Album magazine issued by DC comics and signed by the cast: Christopher Reeve,Margot Kidder,Jackie Cooper,Susannah York,Ned Beatty and Valerie Perrine, Also included in the display is an original signature by Marlon Brando, who played Superman’s father, Jor-El. A fantastic piece.

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