Tupac Shakur Orignal Signature

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Tupac Shakur, 1971 - 1996, aka 2_Pac, considered one of the most significant rappers of all time, making gangster/rapper the style of mainstream music. In 1995, 2Pak became heavily involved in the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry, which led to the drive-by shooting that ended his life.  But Tupac is still one of the best-selling music artists of all time having sold over 75 million records worldwide. He was inducted into the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. In 2017, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Rolling Stone named Shakur in 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. He also gained success as an actor! Resurrection was a “rockumentary” tribute to his life and achievements taken from interviews, photos and home movies, released in 2003 as a film and a soundtrack album, giving it the subtitle: “This is My Story”….“In his own words”.  It was nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. This is an original 6 page program, 9x12”, framed with an original certified Tupac signature in a great tribute display.
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