Robert Stroud Signed Letter

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Robert Stroud, 1890-1963, "The Birdman of Alcatraz" is still called one of America's most criminally insane psychopaths. Yet, in the 54 years of his life, of which 42 were in solitary confinement, he produced a heralded, comprehensive book on bird diseases, as well as a history of the penal system. He did his hands-on bird experimentation while at Leavenworth prison and when deprived of his birds after his transfer to Alcatraz, he wrote and published a great contribution to avian pathology and discovered a cure for serious bird diseases. He also murdered a guard and was making alcohol out of the ingredients supplied to him for his work.  He is one of the most famous prisoners in history, with his life story being portrayed by Burt Lancaster in the 1962 film.  Here is a fully hand written two page letter to his friend Fred E. Daw, a bird breeder in Coral Gables, FL, wherein he discussed his work and the mass numbers of letters he was receiving on his findings. 

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